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That wasn't my theory that was a post in an article i read and i put it on here to see what some of you say about that, i knew it wasnt ever going to happen because otherwise dodge would have already advanced to the new 2500's with cummins. And no sir this being internet there is no way in hell i would give out my information like that are you crazy! LOL plus i dont have that kind of money otherwise id be in Kentucky betting it on horses haha

Originally Posted by Hanau View Post
You're wrong.

More proof of your wrongness.

Yet more proof of your wrongness.


Still more:

However this being the internet you're now going to claim you know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, whos drinking buddy is a big wig at Ford or Cummins and that he said blah blah blah.

So we'll make this easy. I will bet you $500,000 that Ford will not put the Cummins in the 2010 Ford Superduty. If you wll accept this wager please send me your full name and address and we'll write a contract.

Have a nice day.
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