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Yeah, look who the moron is. My contact at Toro has also confirmed this. So your salesman is wrong. Well the price might be different too. Before you start called people names you a**hole, you should know the facts.
Haha, everyone on lawnsite has a "contact" or a "reliable source"'s amazing. It's like the lawn mower mafia, hahahaha.

The statement was made that the exmark will be the toro with different stickers. The fact is , that statement is incorrect and i've already addressed that. Now, if the toro build is going to involve the changes that Exmark made to the toro product, than that means the machine will be the same in the future maybe, but the prototype, hand built exmark vantage i rode around on with the exmark factory sales reps IS NOT the SAME EXACT toro grandstand that is in the field today............ turd sandwhich...

The Exmark I rode around on had spring loaded deck lift instead of dampners, it had threaded rods to control the hydros, where toro uses cables, and there were some minor frame differences. Guys are on here saying they had issues with frame cracks and now there are 32 updates done. That means they are not the same, which means the toro grandstand from the current build and future build won't be the same either.
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