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Originally Posted by ARP View Post
Rentals work just fine too I'd still be renting too, if I didn't need specialized equipment. Ya owning equipment is cool, but there are plenty of aspects to rentals that are very appealing these days as well.

Sorry to hear about your dad and the dogs. Take it easy though, your dad could be one of your greatest assets as you build your business... Just a thought
I'd be in the same boat as you if I didnt have school. Atleast I'd like to think I would be..

Ya never know till it happens, ya know?

And he has been a major aspect, but at this point, I've been able to handle the couple jobs that my onside job has sent my way... Plus, once I get the company in the direction I want it, I'll need one operator and that'll be me..
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Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post

Just run the god damn sh*t out of the machine and the hell with all the other crap, make money instead of worrying about crap that only accountants think about!
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