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Originally Posted by ShawnH View Post
Whats interesting to me is the lake wasnt built until 1969. If they were about 400ft over they would be underwater now. I was working just off of 980 by 190 but their was no paved roads by the grave site. The guy I was working for just bought the property I belive he said the pervious family had it for 3-4 generations and it used to run all the way down to the Trinity River my guess is thats about 3/4 of a mile further into the lake.
It's interesting. I guess there are no surviving family members that want access to the cemetary? In Texas, a cemetary on private land must have an easement in perpetuity or something like that. I figured the landowner would have known and shown you. It would suck to mulch a grave marker..

Back to your thread, your cutting head was always of interest to me. Does it eject material a long distance without a trap door? Does it bog down much?
Oh, and the C series machines that were burning up were because of material (they think) sitting on the turbo or muffler and igniting. I had a 272c and didn't have any issues. I grinded with it for about 150 hours. I had the Holt brush mods installed. I liked the power of the XPS and the 90 hp motor but had cab and air issues that couldn't be resolved. I think you have a good setup.

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