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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
What teeth did your demo have? It seems they have an option for a chipper style teeth with the new high speed model. You can mix the teeth (with the standard asphalt cutting tooth)as well so the website says. I can convert mine over but I need a new drum and motor. I doubt that is cheap, the guy (Michael) at Tushogg was not even sure. I got a quote on a new one similiar to your number. If they would come down another 5K they would a little more competative.
I ran two of them one with mixed teeth and one with the standard teeth. I liked the mixed teeth setup, performance seemed equal to the standard setup but it would be alot less expeisive if you ever got into some hidden concerete or other debris. I was told if your working in an area like the Texas Hill country the mixed teeth setup is the way to go with all the rocks. Since I work in the Houston area and over into East Texas I dont have to worry about rocks just deep mud.

Your right about the price if they were 5k less I am sure thats would I would be running today. But we ended up getting a deal that was hard to pass up on the head I have now.
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