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Originally Posted by ShawnH View Post
YellowDogSVC I would say to keep from bogging down you have to be pactient with it but its not unbarable and does a good job. Jobs like the one on the Lake I posted that have alot of vines can get frustrating if your not careful. If you hit a cluster of vines in a bush or small tree they would just wrap around the drum and bring it to a stop. That would mostly happen when I was grinding and the tip speed would slow down so the vines around the hard wood I was grinding would just get sucked right in around the drum.

When your down low the debris coming out dosent go to far but when you reach up to come down on a tree it will really toss it out a fair distance. I was having fun a couple times watching how far out in the lake it was going since it was easy to see with the water splash.

I was thinking about bypassing the quick connets for a job I am starting Monday to see if I can tell a big differance in performance. Thats what we did for the demo on the Trushhog since they didnt have the correct fittings for the CAT at the Trushhog dealer. Another guy in my area that runs 297 drilled out the manifold and stepped up to larger quick connets. Makes sense if you look the stock setup dose look restritive.
My cat dealer drilled out the coupler block or manifold in the 272c I owned but I didn't notice a huge difference over my bobcat or the 268b I demoed which, I don't think, had the drilled manifold.

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