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Originally Posted by ShawnH View Post
Dieselnut I really dont have a good response for you other than I am happy with the frame and the ride quality of the 289.

ARP we went with the 289 over the more powerful 299 due to the 299 having overheating problems in a mulching application. I heard they even had a few of them catch on fire.

The G2 mulching head is good and gets the job done. Its a step up from the Timber Ax I was running. I would guess its equal to the head your running. I would have really liked to have gotten the new Trushhog after demoing it for a day that thing was amzing but the best price we could get on it was 29k and it was listed for around 33k.
Nice pics. That grave stone is really cool.

The 289C and 299C share the exact same cooling system (radiator, cooler, hydraulic tank, etc.) They also have the same 3.3L Mitsubishi engine, other than the injector and the aftercooler on the 299C so I would expect both of them to have the same cooling capacity. The XPS high flow system is identical too and the 299C would actually run the attachment a bit better due to more engine torque and hp. Nice looking machine.
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