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The mower itself is a fairly new purchase..less than a year, as far as the hours, I did not have an hour meter on it, more than likely no more than 75hrs, the purchase was made to have a smaller mulcher/bagger to clean up after using the SCAGS, and for reaching some backyards where the SCAGS would not fit through gates etc. I am ashamed to say that I believe the problem was my fault...did not give much attention to it like I do the other equipment, and therefore the PM on it was overlooked, and always took second priority. I actually have two such "back-ups", both John Deere, LT133 and 155, I use them only on small yards, and in some cases some clients actually dont like all of the "Big Stuff", they are afraid of turf damage or I cave in and use the JD's on those properties, If I go internally into the 15HP do you guys think there is actually a chance of freeing it???? The mechanics I am speaking of are close freinds, so labor cost would be nill, so I am thinking of at least opening it up to at least check it out....If I have to spend almost $800 on the thing, I might end up just buying a new back-up and put a used Engine in the 155 and sell it cheap...Thanks for your input
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