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Originally Posted by fiveoboy01 View Post
Properly educating someone on using the mower safely, and not in places where it was not designed to be used, is MUCH cheaper than raising the price of the ZTR, which is already insanely expensive.

Rollovers and drownings are due to operator error. Let's not sugar coat it. The manuals spell out where the mower should not be taken and what it takes to safely operate it.

Front brakes may extend that threshhold, but there will still be an idiot who will surpass the laws of physics, ignore the warnings put forth in the operator's manual, and put the mower in a pond and kill themselves.

Your idea is good and being a mechanical type of person I can appreciate the work you've put into these, but I sure hope that my mower manufacturer does not pick them up. I don't want to be forced to pay even more for a mower because it has yet another feature I don't want nor need.

If it's an option, yay, fine by me, let the guys who want/need them get them.
I can appreciate the way of thinking that no one here wants the price of their next ZTR to be higher, especially in today's economy.

Now, let's look at this from another perspective. There are Law Offices that do nothing but specialize in sueing ZTR manufacturers. A lot of them. I get at least One Call a day from many different ones.

When these guys sue the manufacturer and wins, Millions of Dollars come out of the Manufacturers pockets, and their Insurance companies pockets from the judgements against the manufacturers.

The price of a ZTR manufacturers Insurance Policy has got to be through the ROOF given the tens of thousands of serious injuries that happen every year! Does that come out of their profits? Or do you think that they pass those costs on to the ZTR Consumers?

Just think about what your insurance policy does if you file a claim as an LCO with your business insurance.

Now, lets say that for the sake of arguement that a ZTR manufacturer steps up to the plate and installs the brakes standard or even as an option on their commercial ZTR mowers. Do you think that there might be a discount on their mower for installing another level of safety on their mowers?

Now, let's say that after a year's time that the number on claims on that manufacturer commerical line goes down and that the Tedbrakes do in fact reduce the number of serious accidents.

I know that ZTR manufacturer prices are high now . . . and I don't want in any way want my brakes to cost you more money on your next mower.

I know that the manufacturer will more than likely charge you more for the braking system. My point is that the cost savings in the form of insurance discounts could easily pay for the cost of parts and labor of implementing the front braking system. . . . Not to mention Save one of their Customers lives.
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