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My cousin has just decided that he is going to join the lawn mowing industry. I know what you're thinkin', good for him. Yeah, that's fine, but he's making his business cards on my computer, telling me he's going to thrash me by charging real cheap and a whole bunch of other crap. He says he's using my computer because he doesn't have a program to do biz cards. I said too bad. He thinks he can start right now, nearly the end of the season here. He says he can do everything I do, plus more like weeding. I don't know how many of you weed flower beds and stuff but I don't have time because I work at night and it just wouldn't work. What do you guys think I should do? Let him run his biz at my house or tell him he can't do anything at my house. I mean, I don't want to help him at all because this is my first season and I don't have that many jobs and don't want to loose any more to anybody. He already stole my grandparents lawn from me, what next? I guess we'll see who gets thrashed next year, or even this year.
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