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Originally Posted by DCsouth View Post
Additional info. They changed the pumps on the new 9 series with the new steel undercarriage and it altered how they mulch. I am still trying to get details but was told they went down on the inpliment pump size. I have run many 7 series and 9 series and the 7's perform better, so what I was told makes sense. The new undercarriage just takes more hyd power to run and with limited hp that is not good.
Head choice is yours, but if your ready for production I can suggest a monster. But you have to make money with what you have.
Nice work though. Sucks you loose as much time as you have. That seriously affects your bottom dollar!!
Someone gave you bad information. The 287/289/297/299 all use the same exact XPS pumps, hyd. reservoirs, oil coolers, etc. The 297/299 are different because they have an aftercooler.
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