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Originally Posted by fiveoboy01 View Post

Rollovers and drownings are due to operator error. Let's not sugar coat it. The manuals spell out where the mower should not be taken and what it takes to safely operate it.
I must disagree with the blanket statement that "rollovers and drownings are due to operator error." That makes the assumption that there are never any other factors at play in such events other than the actions of the operator. I don't think I even need to elaborate on this point.

Secondly, for the sake of argument, let's say we remove all causes of such tragedies except for those of the operator. Are we simply going to say, as we shake our heads disdainfully at the last few bubbles popping at the water's edge that came from an operator and his ZTR who slid into a pond, "Well, he should have been more careful."

It is built into us, every one of us, to push the envelope a little, cross the line to some extent. Some will do it more than others. And some of them will pay a heavy toll including their untimely deaths. But, it is that mentality that has been responsible for most advancements in every field of human endeavor. What you seem to be advocating is to let nature weed it out. Let me make a different suggestion. Let's account for typical human behavior in the design of all our technology including ZTRs. This may include front brakes.

And you're right. There will be idiots that will find a way to kill themselves no matter what safety measures you employ. What I am advocating is designing equipment that is safe for the typical operator and perhaps a little beyond. This seems reasonable to me.
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