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my advice is if he wants to start a biz then go for it. 1st off that includes GET YOUR OWN OFFICE YOU LAZY MOOCH! All advice on how to do anything should cease RIGHT NOW. Let him figure things by himself, & don't tell him about all the free advice here. This industry is not for fly-by-night kids who will change their mind every 3 days. Stay sure & steady; he will likely go gangbusters & work for free & say 'man this sucks, I don't like working this hard', or when his interest putters out, you'll still be going strong, like the tortoise & the hare.<br>Also tell your customers that &quot;someone&quot; may call to try & cutthroat prices to steal work from you. Tell them how low low price usually = low quality. Best advice is don't watch him, concentrate on bustin your butt & keepin things rolling for you.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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