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Thanks for the advice guys. I have heard alot about the "cut-throat" and have considered that being done to me. The other thing that really makes me mad is my biz name is Chelan Valley Mowing and he claims his is supposed to be Lake Chelan Mowing. He took half of my name! His biz card says in big letters at the top "cheap prices". He's gonna turn out to be a lowballer for sure if he doesn't straighten up. He thinks he knows how to do everything right at the start. He tried to convince me that trimming and edging was the same thing. I don't mean harm to him but if he wants his biz he'll leave my accounts alone, stay off my computer, and figure stuff out the hard way, like I did. He only lives next door and could come over when I'm not at home and get into my billing and stuff. I'm sure my sis wouldn't mind showing him what I charge and stuff. If is here again on my computer or at my house trying to get anything to help him I'm going kick his @$$ out. Don't won't to make him too mad though. I knew what it was like startin' out. At least I wasn't doin' what he's doing.
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