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[QUOTE=DCsouth;3292213]Thanks for the reply. I knew some of the info I recieved was wrong because I did know all the high flows were the same.

No sweat. I've heard CAT salesmen tell me that the 299C is an entirely diffrent machine than the 297C and the 272C. Just like a Deere salesman told me that their CTL undercarriage was designed by their engineers. He was a bit shocked when I informed him that Komatsu was actually running that Italian Berco undercarriage in Europe for more than a year before they launched their CTLs. I always, but verify.

Know when you run them the 9's do run different because of the track difference.

True. More machine weight=more hp needed for smae amount of work.

They came out and checked one in the field and good grief at all the computer test they ran. They are as bad as cars these days.

I think this is the norm in the near future due to Tier III and electronic engines. I actually think it's a good thing because it give OEMs, dealers and customers much more flexibility to adjust a machine for specific needs.


I'm sure that there will be some bugs on everyone's machines with all this new electronic technology, but it will be a big positive.
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