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a) He has a set!<br>b) Don't let him take advantage (BULL-BUTTER if he's going to use anything of yours... let him take care of his piss-poor business);<br>c) Keep him on a short leash... think about it, if he's going to do this, he may stoop to stealing or breaking your equipment;<br>d) If he were a smart individual (and it sounds like he is not), he'd hook up with you and you could get twice to three times the amount of business.<br>e) Don't waste your time with the loon...<br> Growing up I was naive, now I keep EVERYONE on a leash and no one takes advantage! I take care of the fam, and if anyone jacks with my stuff, they have two options the cops or goin' toes w/ me...<br>Just my two cents.
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