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I just spent about 2 hours reading this whole thread and watching every VID there was and I am impressed with the front brakes idea!

I don't need them because we have no high slopes here in Southern DE & is flat as a board. But for those of you who do it might be a great option. I say option because it should be optional if they ever become available on ZTR's from the factory because if you don't need them we shouldn't have to pay for them.

One post said brakes might be better on all 4 wheels and that's what I was thinking the whole time I was reading the thread!

Ted, just my opinion but I think your going about selling the idea the wrong way, you buy the brakes on eBay but you agree to buy a new Bad Boy mower in the deal, that's insane! Shouldn't it be sold as a option from Bad Boy factory?

$650 Brake Kit
$200 Shipping
Installation Extra
No Warranty on Brakes
No Warranty on Front Spindles from Bad Boy
Sign a Waiver of Product Liability Required

WOW, that's a high price!

So you go to your nearest Bad Boy dealer and tell him you just bought brakes from you on eBay and then he tells you what your going to pay for your next machine and it has to mandatory that it has ROPS and seat belts too?

Is a Bad Boy mower a set price and that's what you pay at any dealer?

Am I missing something here or maybe I shouldn't have posted this?
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