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Originally Posted by Bleed Green View Post
Alright I have one question. when you say they are starting to make "the cut", what exactly does that mean? I have seen that phrase before pertaining to earth moving jobs. Like where is "the cut" in the pictures that you have posted here?
well its kinda just what it sounds like , the project started in some pretty hilly terrain, so the area when its done will have a big flat work area for drying material from the river (fill) and the area that the sediment will be placed will end up looking like a bowl (cut) .....the job is kinda simple they took "cut" all the topsoil off the site and piled it, then it becomes a cut and fill , cut the high spot down and fill the low spots which are all the valleys on this site....when i get back down there on monday i'll try and show a better pic of which is which
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