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Coupla thoughts, here. Rent a heavier lawn renovator unit, like a ryan, turfco, or Lesco renovator. Most all are 20" wide, but the wheels add 6", more or less on each side of the seeder. That means you need to over lap each pass, on each side, you want the grooves along edges of each pass to look just like the center. The heavier slit seeders mentioned above are also self propelled, have better seed boxes (anything with a Gandy seed box is a quality unit), and the weight makes a difference when you hit a stone, or tree root. Don't go up and down hills, gravity + rain+ a slot cut into a hill = washed out seed. Go across the slope. Don't set the machine any deeper than needed to make a uniform slot, all the same across the width of the machine. Finally, don't put too much seed down, you are only tilling up a small portion of the entire lawn area, set the rate at about 1/4-1/5 th the bare ground seeding rate, half that, if you are going over twice. Just my $.02

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