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Originally Posted by Az Gardener View Post
I have both Tru-cuts and Trimmers and some old Pro Masters too, my personal favorite.

Big adjustment going from the Tru-cut to the Trimmer. You are used to pushing down on the handles of the T/C's to turn, and you do that with the Trimmer and it will take off on you due to the rear drive roller.

The trimmer is all or none on the self propelled part unless you want to steer with one hand and hold that t handle with the other, so its much more difficult to control the speed. Unlike the thumb control on the Tru-cut.

I have 2-25" trimmers in great condition I will sell if you want them that's my opinion.
I dont mean to hi-jack this thread as I am a brand new fan of a Cal Trimmer I picked up recently. I would be VERY interested in the two 25" that you would not hesistate to sell.
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