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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
That's all well and good, but I'm not sure if you worked there or not. I wasn't referring to their estimating methods, just the overall way they run things. I'd like to see you get treated like a piece of garbage by your bosses and I'd like to see you have good things to say about them. I can tell you many stories about the way employees were treated at my branch. If you want some examples just ask. I shouldn't speak for all branches, but the one I was at was a joke. And lastly, I did learn some valuable things during my time there, but because I didn't want to take part in their "Brickman family days", weekend retreats, and being at their becking call every minute of my life....I decided it wasn't for me.
Where did you work? Lakewood? That might explain a bit. If you were a super, your experiance might have been different. Having worked at one of the top 3 branches and spending time with some of the talent at Brickman, I can say that overall Brickman does things better than most. Are they geared for small properties that require micro management?...not at all. What the "bashers" don't realize is that they provide more VALUE to their customers (gernerally speaking) than just about ANYONE on this forum. They are capable of meeting just about any needs a customer could have. As far as the pricing goes...I can tell you (having priced many myself) that often times they are higher overall. I routinely had 50-60% gross margins with net being around 13-18%.
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