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Originally Posted by johnnybravo8802 View Post
Hey Rat, let me get your opinion on the V-10-I know you're a big Ford fan. I found an 06' F550 XLT with 52,000 for $18,200-it has a 9' flatbed. I pull a trailer with 2 large ZTR's 99% of the time and I'm stepping up from a Dodge 1500 with a 4.8. I want to make sure I get plenty of truck!I may have some pinestraw subbed to me in the spring-1000+ bales/wk and will be hauling as much as possible on the truck and trailer I have. I have heard a lot of negatives about the newer diesels-low MPG, high upkeep costs, mech. probs, more money per gallon, etc. It almost seems better to go with a V-10. What's going to be the difference in MPG and pulling power between the two. Also, what is the longevity difference. I like the V-10 because it appears to be the same proven engine, whereas the diesel keeps changing and getting worse. What do you think?
If you read find the posts made by LSChicago he has V-10 powered Ford tow trucks and hasn't had any problems with them.

The one your looking at would have a 3 valve engine and if its a automatic it would have the torqshift behind it.

It is 3 years ago now when I was looking for a truck I was looking at a 05 F-550 4x4 V-10 I wish I bought the d*mn thing over the diesel I have now.

My next truck is a V-10.
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