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The 05 and newer F-550s are supposed to have a better turning radius but a truck like my 03 F-450 with the leaf springs with a regular cab and 165 wheelbase it doesn't turn so sharp. The 05s have radius arm coil spring suspension it allows the wheels to turn sharper.

For city streets and interurban driving a cabover is the way to go. If your doing lots of freeway driving a F-550 or a truck with a hood is the way to go.

You do know what they say about cabovers " You are first on the accident scene"

For California I would think a cabover would be fine for where I go a cabover doesn't do well offroading. Peoples driveways and access roads to their properties can be a offroad adventure. Mechanical parts on cabovers hang low and they would hit the ground where I go.

I should have 4wheeldrive just for the safety factor or a front mounted winch. I push my luck with a 2wd and just a locker in the diff.
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