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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
If you read find the posts made by LSChicago he has V-10 powered Ford tow trucks and hasn't had any problems with them.

The one your looking at would have a 3 valve engine and if its a automatic it would have the torqshift behind it.

It is 3 years ago now when I was looking for a truck I was looking at a 05 F-550 4x4 V-10 I wish I bought the d*mn thing over the diesel I have now.

My next truck is a V-10.
Thanks for the reply. How do you like the V-10? Every dealer I call suggests the V-10 over the diesel for the work I do. They say the diesel is only advantageous if you keep it on the road doing long trips. For me, according to them, the gas is better for stopping and starting a lot. I'm stepping up from the Dodge 1500 so I think I'll have enough truck.
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