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I started the marine work in the spring of 08 there was a DNR job at our lake and I went to the prebid and talked my dad into letting me bid it and we got it. So we started out with a small barge and have just keep adding sections (They pin together so you can haul them) We have a bobcat T300 & 341 and cat D5G, 315cl, 315l, two dump trucks with tags and last week my dad bought a 330DL. Didnít agree with it but he said for tax purposes so I will have pics of it soon. As for help my brother helps in the summer (In School) and I have a few part time friends who always need money. I work for the state mostly but still do a lot of residential work. I love what I do and enjoy the business but it is hard like you and Chris said with other kids our age and the paper work in the evenings.
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