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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
You got it. I worked in Lakewood and was a supervisor. What branch did you work at? I think that I might have been misunderstood by some. I never said they were a lowballer or that they provided bad service. The branch I was at was pretty sad though. I have seen some great work that the company has done as well as some mediocre work. I also didn't like the treatment of employees. Not just supervisors and laborers, but even superintendents and branch managers from the higher ups. I did however talk to plenty of guys that had great experiences at other branches.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a lawn forum and that's what it's here discuss things, both positive and negative. I am usually very positive on here, but if people have an opinion I think that it's not a problem to voice those opinions. These forums would be pretty boring if everyone was totally positive and agreed on everything.
I dont really post those kinds of details here. I guess you could PM me if you really want to know.
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