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Originally Posted by mdlwn1 View Post
Yes ...they pay less than your family member. I dont remember the specs..its been 4 years now. The rental companies do the same new at low prices and sell them with 12-15k for more or equal to what they paid new.
Questiono you think Brickman started out big and receiving those "large discounts?" All companies start small and have a set goal-operate on quality or volume. You can't do both. Brickman chose volume. In order to get a lot of volume, you have to be the cheapest with the bids and that means cutting corners and a lot of times quality to keep up. Also, even if they get large discounts, it's still overhead and it's still money. Again, they started out paying full price. It's funny, you mentioned that they pay $15/hr. but when I went on their website a couple of years ago, a supervisor(running 4 crews) was only making $25,000-$32,000/yr. working 60+ hrs/wk. in the summer. You've got to be kidding!!!!They aren't where they're at by forking out a lot of money on workers and if they were getting jobs at premium prices, they could pay decent salaries. It's about volume and low numbers, including the bids.
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