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I met up with BCG. He's got the service biz figured out. Like talking to a younger version of me. Remotes, good inventory, push water conservation and upgrades. Armadillo and I didn't get connected in troubleshooting. Didn't learn anything new but did pick up another wiring service trick. Today is all exhibits for me. Irritrol is coming out with something to compete with the solar synch. Solar synch got a blaaaah rating in my SMART class from the attendees. I'm focusing on moisture sensors more than anything. Any companies anybody want me to study closely? Irrometer , acclima, a few more. I'll try and find the calsense booth. Still need to find Sprinkus. I also need to find the BAN VANS booth to make a contribution. Haven't seen any commies to harrass.

EPA is making a big presence here.

Best Margarita so far was at RIO RIO on the Riverwalk. right next to Coyote Ugly.

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