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A cabover is a easy truck to drive you just have to remember where the front wheels are. The firedept has that problem with new fire truck drivers with the cabover trucks.

A 176 wheelbase Isuzu will turn sharper than my 165 wheelbase F-450.

Cabovers are good for working in a city or city streets I sure wouldn't want to be doing interstate driving with one. Then you guys in the USA have the freeways with the expansion joints every 10 feet a cabover would be a rough ride.

The big thing you also have to watch out for is overloading the front axle on a cabover. The GMC trucks around here eat steer tires like you wouldn't beleive. It is from the trucks carrying alot of weight on the front axle.

One of the guys I know has a 3500 GMC cabover with a 14 foot box it maybe shorter I think it is 14 foot. He puts 3000lbs in the truck the steer tires look flat they are 16 inch.

You really do need the trucks with the 17.5 or even better 19.5 tires.

Where the LCF Ford shines is it runs 19.5 tires it has the same rear axle used in the F-450/550 trucks the Dana S110 is a good axle. It has 4 wheel disk brakes the others use drum brakes.
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