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Originally Posted by rcpeoples View Post
No smart business means trying to make a profit. If that means using cheaper labor that's what you do. No one is in business just for fun. When I get to the point in life when someone younger can do my job I'll move on to something else. that's why you don't put all your eggs in one basket
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That's easier said than done for someone who just dedicated his entire life to a job. A majority of people out there don't have the luxury of a lot of choices-my father was one of them with Ga. Power until he passed away at 62 last year. I've lived it through him and it's no picnic. I understand the "Smart Business" but don't agree with that side of things. People get unmarketable at certain ages-after 40 in a lot of situations and and the choices run out. That's a lot of life ahead of you for just getting kicked to the curb.
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