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Originally Posted by rcpeoples View Post
No smart business means trying to make a profit. If that means using cheaper labor that's what you do. No one is in business just for fun. When I get to the point in life when someone younger can do my job I'll move on to something else. that's why you don't put all your eggs in one basket
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OK....Don't take this so personal or an attack on you please, because it is not.

I just don't think I am reading your quote right.

Are you saying, lets see, if you had been working for a company like maybe a construction comp for 30 years and you only have 5 more yrs to retire and you are saying because they hire a new guy about half your age and he can work circles around you cause your body is now old and worn out, that you will just pull the pin and quite and go try to find something else to do?

Now keep it nice, I'm only asking......
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