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Originally Posted by Grnhed View Post
Ohhhhhhh, I didnt think you were that hot on Trimmers? That seems a little proud of them to me.

1.How old?
2.Any pics?
3.Can you take a pic of how much reel is left before the rivets on the spyder? Just so I know how much life is left to grind.
4.B&S or Honda?
I don't know how old they all look the same I have had them for just under 2 years. Honda engines. I think they are probably in the $1600 + for new, the catchers alone are 75 + Mine have been customized with motorcycle racing chains rather than the stock factory chains and some other stuff that I can't remember. So that's 400 each, I paid 600 each and probably have not put 60 hours on them. So you get two for the price of 1/2 a new one.

I will be taking them in for end of season sharpening and evaluation like I do with all my reels. I will get some pic's at that time and the shops recommendation. If you or someone else wants them great if not they can sit on my shop as back ups and the guys will just have to deal with the different drive system.

PM me if you have any other questions I'm not on site frequently enough to keep up with threads.

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