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Originally Posted by silverado212 View Post
I know plenty of hard working Americans. They are not willing to work for that kind of money. I won't leave the house for that. The only reason the mexicans can do it is because they come here with nothing and live 10 to an apartment. Even without a vehicle payment a percon could barely if at all make it on $8 something an hour. But the way the economy is going there might be alot of americans begging for those jobs because they can't find anything paying better, because the CEO's want all the money and the workers to be poor. The theory of when your workers are starving they will work harder and more. Well BS
Without those evil profit loving CEO's, there wouldn't be any businesses. Including yours. Which ever truck or mower you use, there is a CEO to that company that probly has a multi million dollar salary. And to them giving workers poor wages? No offense, but look at the jobs they are doing, it's not mechanical engineering, it's landscape maintenance. To be a laborer, you don't have to have a lot of knowledge. I'm sure you as an owner make much much more than your laborers, therefore do you want your workers to be poor? You have to answer that. I pay my guys good wages, they however aren't 35 yr old men trying to feed a family, they are college aged guys that work hard and just need money to pay for school. I work them very hard, 60+ hrs in the summer and I pay them fair wages ($12/hr), I only have 2 employees and at this moment, I'd much rather have those two and I working rather than 2 crews doing a 35-40 hour week with 2-3 guys out working in that crew and they get paid dirt.
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