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Originally Posted by silverado212 View Post
I know plenty of hard working Americans. They are not willing to work for that kind of money. I won't leave the house for that. The only reason the mexicans can do it is because they come here with nothing and live 10 to an apartment. Even without a vehicle payment a percon could barely if at all make it on $8 something an hour. But the way the economy is going there might be alot of americans begging for those jobs because they can't find anything paying better, because the CEO's want all the money and the workers to be poor. The theory of when your workers are starving they will work harder and more. Well BS
They dont live 10 to a apartment, brickman pays for their apartments. But I do know they carpool 11 to a minivan. Funniest thing you can ever see. You see a minivan pull up. You blink and there is 11 guys coming at you.
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