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Originally Posted by orlawncaresvc View Post
Yeah, It cost money to install a nice sprinkler system. Even if you are doing it yourself for yourself. Are you buying your home or do you own your home. I would only install a sprinkler system if I was buying my house or own it. Right? Believe it or not we didn't know jack when we first started fooling around with sprinkler systems. Its all about learning on your own. At least that's how we did it. But don't get it twisted, I've put in my hours of reading and studying on flow control, psi, back flow prevention, designing, and a lot of other stuff. We were lucky enough to get to install a couple of system and use them as practice for some friends and family. At no charge for labor just the material and they were very good practice for us. I'll tell you your house would be a great practice for you.
I would def. try on my own house first. Maybe call in some help when it came to the valve and timer installation. I got a buddy in the irrigation business who may be willing to lend a hand. We'll see...

It is very nice not to have to pay someone an hourly fee for metal work. My neighbor is a metal fab/welder. He does all my projects and I help keep his yard in shape. Works out for both of us. I bought a rusted out home depot trailer from a guy. Scraped everything but axle and wheels. Paid $75 got $25from scrap yard. Paid @ $400 for metal from a buddy whose F-I-L owns a metal business. Bought lumber for floor and had a near brand new 7'x12' lawn trailer for @ $600. Not too shabby.
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