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I've been doing serious looking for a new pickup, perhaps much the same equipment that started this thread. I have considered only a Chev 2500HD or Ford 250SD. I've found it very difficult to find a "work truck" config -- everybody wants 'bells/whistles.' I do not want to pay. I now have a 1990 F-150, in-line six cylinder, manual transmission. I've had to put two $600 repairs into the clutch because of the high reverse gearing on the manual transmission. I have a landscape business, pulling a 3000# trailer. The reverse gearing in the 3/4T models is much better suited for trailering, therefore am not considering another 1/2T model.

Anybody have any insight on the matter of resale value of a regular cab vs. an extended cab? How about resale value of a manual vs auto transmission? My plan is for a regular cab, with manual transmission, but the resale in 3-5 years may be very small. I'm looking for the XL trim (Ford), or Base trim (Chev).

I followed the suggestion of the Ford link in one of the postings, finding inventory in the local area. Does anybody know of a similar link for Chev or GMC?

I've seen posts above, plus threads in this forum, dealing with the matter of poor engines, Chev 6000 Vortec and Ford 5.4L. These are the primary engines in both pickups of consideration. Should this issue still be of concern, or is either an acceptable choice at this point in time?

Any other insights to consider?
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