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Originally posted by Brickman

Tvov I have never heard or seen double the tow rating for an auto. That doesn't make any sense for what ever manufactor does that. I can run over juicer trans guys with my 6spd.
I just dug out the owner's manuals for two of my trucks.

1993 Ranger 3.0 V-6 4x4
Manual: max tow -- 2,500 lbs
Automatic: max tow -- 4,000 lbs

1987 F-350 460ci (7.5L) V-8 4x2
Manual: max tow -- 11,500 lbs
Automatic: max tow -- 12,500 lbs

I think I had originally been confusing gross vehicle weight rating with the max tow rating,. These ratings also depend on exactly how the trucks are set up (the automatics especially are required to have transmission coolers). When I said the autos are almost double, I was thinking of my Ranger.

Even still, it is weird how much more the autos are rated for. I've talked to a few mechanics about this, and their opinion is that the manufacturers are worried about premature clutch wear on the manuals (especially by inexperienced drivers!). Except for the tranmissions, the trucks (of the same model) are equipped identically, same frame, brakes, springs, etc.

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