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Trimmers reel vs. Tru-cut's reel

Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
From a reel grinding, technician stand point I think the Tru-cuts are the biggest pos on the market today for commercial use.
Personally I wouldn't recommend reel mowers unless the terrain is sloped beyond 8 degrees or so and very sharply at that.
Do yourself a favor, check out the Hyiater mowers available from Seagro - they market these rotarys which will cut at 1/2", stripe as well as a reel mower, collect debris and are easy to maintain.
I have posted many times about the mechanical faults associated with the Tru-cut design, the extreme difficulty in squaring the reel to the spin grinder do to the frame orientation plus the bed knife is a royal pain in the butt to remove from the frame without tweaking the frame even the slightest out of square.
For occasional homeowner use these Tru-cuts are marginally acceptable, for commercial use - not at all.
That is true about the hyiater mowers, but I want to cut at 1/4 plus the scissor action of a reel is easier on the grass. I certainly know that eastmans reels are better than tru-cut's. Did I mention that I bent my tru-cuts reel on a brass sprinkler head? Resulting in a pricey trip to the shop. This is probably due to the fact that tru-cut reel's are about half as thick as Trimmers/Eastman's.
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