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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
i was looking at the new 36" grandstand picture and noticed the height adjustment is a little different, looks like the handle is on the right side of the machine instead of on the control panel, just wondering about the details...toro, do you have any pictures of this? also why the change?
Included are photos of a 2010 40" GrandStand (same "chassis" as the 36" model) and a 2010 48" GrandStand. The design of the deck lift system for the 36" and 40" models is different than the system used on the 48" - 60" models, primarily due to space considerations on the small unit (i.e. - less space for deck lift links between the frame tubes, etc.).

The 2010 deck lift system on the larger machines operates essentially the same as the 2009 version, except that mechanical extension springs (visible beside the control tower) have replaced gas springs as the means of providing lift assistance. The extension springs improve longevity and provide the added benefit of adjustability (to vary the amount of lift force required at the handle).

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