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Originally Posted by Me and My Diddy Lawn Care View Post
I must agree with you exmark, but I guarantee all my work, i have no need to tell them this is my first time, this is my first mass sod job, laying sod is not very difficult, definetly not rocket science. When i do large jobs, which i have done landscaping, I always go back and check up. I will leave a customers with specific directions on care of the new installed sod and will offer to fertilize it for them so they don't have to worry about "messing" up the sod after the initial starter fert. If there is a reasonable explanation it is my fault I will fix it. Thats how I have stayed in business this long and don't plan to change that, along with great customer service and reliablilty.
Couldn't have said it better. It's not rocket science at all. I love doing it and it makes more than mowing that's for sure!

After reading some of that guy's posts, he seems like an idiot, and how do you post over 15,000 times?? And that story is probly some made up BS.
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