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Originally Posted by Matlock Lawncare View Post
Just to chime in a little, I am glad others said something about you know who, A $20,000 sod job and now he is in jail, REALLY!!!! Sounds made up. First of all I do a lot of sod A LOT! A lot of guys say green side up. ha ha well thats half the job, But I wont get into that. First start with charging (depending on area) approximately $4 per yard with a $100 delivery fee. That will cover any minor hand grading and prep plus the laying of the sod. Delivery should include spotting of the pallets on the property by sod company, if it is in the back yard and they cant get the pallets placed inthe back yard then go to $4.50 per yard for wheel barrowing (sorry for spelling). Plus the best way to lay it if you have a few guys is to go from both sides and meet in the center and then cut in the center pieces. Some guys will tell you different but I have tried over the years to do it every different way and this gives you the least waste. Always use length X Width Divided by 9 plus add in a little for cut pieces. Not being a know it all and I rarely post but this hit right in my wheel house. Hope everyone had a great year! Dont slam me too hard for my comments it 6 pm on friday and I started earlywith the drinky drink. LOL
ok, thanks, this was really helpful, i never have heard of people laying from the outside in but now that i think about it, its a great idea and seems like it would work better (wouldn't see seems as much if uneven). Thanks alot
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