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I don't know what E195 stands for is that the 466E rated at 195hp ?

The International is better than the F-650 atleast there is more parts out there for a International.

I'am still thinking you should stick with a smaller shorter wheelbase truck. A truck like that International is no different than a tandem axle rolloff it is a b*tch to get into anywhere. If your planning on doing residential clean up work and want to get bins close to the house it will be tough to do so with a truck like that.

Most small jobs you want to drop the bin at the front door so the homeowner doesn't have to pack material a long distance.

I can't figure out why they would use a single axle truck with 22 foot rails you put a 30-40 yard bin no way the truck would carry it.

If I was going with a truck with a 22-24 foot rails it would be a tandem.

I do have a idea what kind of customer base your after and your bin length will be no more than 14 feet long.

There is a reason why those trucks are in the auction there is a very limited use for them.
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