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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I have been looking at a program called Billmaster. They are a sponsor of this site. I have Microsoft office and have been using the Access database my wife set up for me for scheduling along with basic reports and invoicing. It works OK and has done the job. It's just not very user friendly and I have grown to the point that it has become almost as much hassle as doing it by hand. Billmaster will do the routing and scheduling along with the invoicing as well as any report you could possibly think of. It's loaded with features that make things so much easier. Just a couple of things that have impressed me. All invoices have bar codes on them. It comes with a scanner that scans these bar codes for entering production and payments. If I let mine go for a week, I can plan on spending 4-5 hours "catching up"...SUX. With this that same process would take me about 15 minutes. You can still enter information manually if needed. The other thing I like is the fact that you get unlimited support (telephone and internet-Free) as long as you are using it. Free upgrades as long as you are using it and you can run an infinite number of companies with an infinite number of customers. I'm not sure about all the little toys that you can carry in the truck. Like someone posted earlier, I have lawns to take care of. I'm more interested in making my office streamlined. Anyway, I'm looking at it very seriously. I have a good friend that uses the Real Green. It's about twice as much on the front end and there are service and support fees not to mention invoice paper you have to buy from them...I don't want to be nickel and dimed to death once I've "bought in". JMO
Do you know if you can use it from multiple computers or is it limited to just one because I have several locations and it would be nice not to have everything tied to just one laptop.
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