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Originally Posted by spfdlawn View Post
Do you know if you can use it from multiple computers or is it limited to just one because I have several locations and it would be nice not to have everything tied to just one laptop.
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I don't know because I'm small and I'll be the only one using it and I haven't asked. You'd really have to ask for yourself. John has already given me an online demo once with generic data. I was impressed. He has now entered all of my data into the program and customized it somewhat for me. He will be giving me a demo again using my info probably Monday. I'm pretty excited about it. He seems to be able to make it do just about anything you want. I don't know why networking would be a problem but you'd probably need to ask for yourself. His e-mail is
cell- 201-835-4755
He's been easy to work with and understanding about what I need and my particular situation. They offer easy terms and 0% financing with a minimal down payment. The price that I have been quoted is $3,500
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