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Originally Posted by onebreezer View Post
Not sure what you are asking. We topdress and core about 8000 sq foot a day. We usually use two guys. One to topdress and the other to core aerate at the same time. But one guy can do it. We get our load, arrive in front of the property, unload and unhook the trailer, roll it back, one guy starts topdressing, the other guy puts out some fliers, then aerates behind the topdresser, we hand fill low areas, fill in around trees, drag if nessicary, load up, clean up, leave a sign in the yard and a bill at the door, go home. Two guys can do 8000 in a 4 to 8 hours with out break downs. Depends on distance, amount of hand work needed, how far the truck is from the grass, break downs, speed of workers. Our average lawn size is 8000 sq foot.
That doesn't sound like very good production. I can aerate, seed and topdress 8000 by myself in that time. I use Earth & Turf 100sp and have to shovel compost from truck into topdresser. I don't work as fast as I used to, I'm 58.
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