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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
I am bringing this back because I am up to my ears with tripped GFCI calls.

Customers all seem to think it is my fault and they spent $xxx.xx and all the neighbors are still working and I need to fix and it better not happen again.... friggin sh.....

ANYBODY have a system that works to stop this from happening. I even have the problem at my house. Had an article in todays paper, it rained, no lights for everyone to come by and look at....

Most of the problems are at LED houses, granted these houses have a bunch of lights, but this is rediculous, I have breakers with 4 amps on them tripping.

We made sure the cords were off the ground and anything else obvious....

am I just at a point where houses with 100-200 strand of 50's minis just end up with so many connections that it is the sum of a little bit of water in each spot causing a big problem??

Do we need to run less strands end to end? Split the power up more as if they were incandescents so that maybe the problems get spread over more circuits and no longer trip?

I have never, ever been so frustrated, nor have I never been unable to tell a customer "dont worry we wont have this problem again"

Any help.....if it rains again even my wife may fire me....

I've been to the same house 6 times since the install, I even went as far as using liquid tape on all connections.....and still called back, plus the GFCI is in the homeowners garage in a cabinet and he has a broken arm and is a senior.........anyway, I finally pulled one of his displays and so far everything has worked......I'm planning on getting a GFCI cords at all points of power, this way the homeowner can push the button instead of me wasting my time........
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