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Just some interesting information...

I was at the OTF this year, and at the last seminar there was only about 20 of us left. I owned probably one of the smallest businesses compared to anybody else. Most of these guys had a hundreds and a few had thousands of accounts. During a discussion, they said raise your hand if you use Real Green software... I believe that 18 out of 20 people raised their hand (the 2 that didn't were just startups). On lawnsite Real Green gets a bad rap, but in the real world, most decent sized companies could not live without it.

Originally Posted by Rayholio View Post
RG is well worth the start up price.. The reoccouring fees are what make it so bad.. once you START with RG, you will ALWAYS have massive reoccouring support fees and such.. just fyi
My CRM software, for a different company, cost me $1000 per month in recurring fees... so the $80-100 from Real Green is practically pennys for unlimited support and updates. I can understand for a very small company (under $100k annual revenue) it can ad up.
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