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Originally Posted by Rayholio View Post
The reoccouring fees are actually well worth it, IF you are a large company with a rotating office staff.. because you can have your employees call RG instead of you telling them how to do simple stuff like age accounts and print invoices..

But a small company with one office staff member (usually an owner) can never use the support enough to justify the $1200+ per year..

And if you are one of these larger companies, 500+ customers, you will be paying more anyhow both for the software, and support.

IMO RG needs a beginners package with more affordable monthly fees.. I don't regret spending almost 10k to get it set up.. but it SORTA bothers me that I have to buy their materials.. and it REALLY bothers me that I don't get ANY software updates without pay for monthly phone support..

and some times support takes hours to respond... once I didn't get it til the next day... it's not a call in and get an expert on the phone kinda thing.. you leave a message and pray that the list isn't too long in front of you..

All that aside, the software is capable of 95% of everything I want to do.. many softwares can route, and bill... but this one markets professionally, and the level of data collection and reporting is unmatched.. from product inventory to leads tracking, it literally does it all.. The online services are also available no where else.. This IS software that will grow with you and never need to be replaced.. maybe upgraded.. but never replaced.
Great Post. Everything you said in there is what I've been told by others. 10 G's huh? Man...I had no idea it was quite that much. I've been exploring other avenues because of some of the things you posted.... I gross a lot more than 100k and...well...that'd break the bank.
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