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Originally Posted by Rayholio View Post
The reoccouring fees are actually well worth it, IF you are a large company with a rotating office staff.. because you can have your employees call RG instead of you telling them how to do simple stuff like age accounts and print invoices..

I agree, it's pretty nice

But a small company with one office staff member (usually an owner) can never use the support enough to justify the $1200+ per year..

And if you are one of these larger companies, 500+ customers, you will be paying more anyhow both for the software, and support.

IMO RG needs a beginners package with more affordable monthly fees.. I don't regret spending almost 10k to get it set up.. but it SORTA bothers me that I have to buy their materials.. and it REALLY bothers me that I don't get ANY software updates without pay for monthly phone support..

Where do you get 10k from? Maybe that is the total cost if you paid the technician and all that? It only cost me $5000 w/ mapping.

You don't have to buy their materials, it is just cheaper to buy it from them if you are a smaller company. But one guy I talked to at the GIE was a big company (ordered 40,000 invoice forms for 1 summer), he got the forms printed locally.

I think that the updates + phone support are together really. Cost 70 w/o mapping, or 100 with it. That is despite the size of your company and number of customers.

and some times support takes hours to respond... once I didn't get it til the next day... it's not a call in and get an expert on the phone kinda thing.. you leave a message and pray that the list isn't too long in front of you..

I have to agree, waiting for a hour or two to have your question answered can be a pain if you don't have anything else to do. But I would rather wait that talk to an Indian or something. When I've called tech support they have always been really knowledgeable and helpful.

All that aside, the software is capable of 95% of everything I want to do.. many softwares can route, and bill... but this one markets professionally, and the level of data collection and reporting is unmatched.. from product inventory to leads tracking, it literally does it all.. The online services are also available no where else.. This IS software that will grow with you and never need to be replaced.. maybe upgraded.. but never replaced.

I agree, it's not perfect, but it is far better than anything else I've seen for a strictly spraying company.
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