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Thanks for the suggestions, and fast too everyone.

Hotrod they are NOT the flexchange, that is what has me, I just figured water was getting into the connections because there are so many on some of these houses.

We dont tape because it did not help any of the problems in the past and just wasted time.

britelights, I have done that way too many times, customers appreciate it but dont think it is anything that is beyond the call of duty, unbelievable to be out on a Sunday in a rain storm to figure out a GFCI problem and the customer thinks that I SHOULD be there.
Anyway, we do the same thing, unplug everything and slowly plug all back in until you find the spot tripping. Then isolate it and fix later, we also try to split the display into sections so that if/when something goes they still have most of their display and dont flip out....

As far as switching out an GFCI for a NON-GFCI I would NEVER do that for a number of reasons. Building codes require them, I need a seperate town/county license to mess with the electric, and last but not least, heaven forbid somthing happens, even unrelated, I am in a world of hurt because the finger will get pointed at me for changing out the receptacle.

Today should be our last day of new installs, 11 days til Christmas, let's hope we dont get anymore rain until the 26th. Pray we dont get rain on the 24th or 25th, those are the worst calls EVER....
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